Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk review: "A recommendation I'm giving through gritted teeth"

Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk review image showing the desk with pink RGB lighting turned on
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In so many ways, the Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk is a must-have gaming desk for PC players, content creators, and anyone who likes a corner desk with a bit more worktop space. As much as I love it, this is a desk I recommend through gritted teeth, because the assembly process was a nightmare, and small imperfections could have been easily fixed.


  • +

    Excellent layout

  • +

    Spacious tabletop

  • +

    Stunning looks

  • +

    Smooth, safe, and silent movement


  • -

    Assembly was a nightmare

  • -

    Confusing variants make ordering/building tricky

  • -

    Veneer feels a little cheap for the money you pay

  • -

    Cable management add-ons could be better

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Some five hours into building the Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk, my head fell into my hands. Surely no piece of furniture could be this obtuse, this difficult to build, this unruly. The instructions hadn't been clear about a very important step from a few hours ago, and now I was going to have to start again from scratch.  

Granted, I was trying to build it solo after a busy day at work when I likely had a cold coming on, but make no mistake - trying to assemble this confusing, bulky piece of furniture was one of the hardest assembly tasks I've ever tackled. I'm no stranger to building flat-packed furniture, either. I moved house constantly as a kid, and I now review gaming chairs for a living. 

As horrible, nay, spirit-breaking as building this desk was, I'm now reluctantly infatuated with the end result. I've always loved L-shaped/corner desks, and if you have too, this might just be your perfect workstation. In my book, this gives the best gaming desks and the best standing desks a serious run for their money, and I can now scarcely imagine my remote working life without it. 

Starting at $599 / £599 however, I'll let you decide if this majestic piece of home-office furniture is for you. Sure, there are plenty of reasons I love it, but small imperfections are hard to ignore. 

Design & Assembly

Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk's side panel with pink lighting on

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

It's hard to talk in any concrete fashion about the Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk because that name is a bit of a catch-all term for the brand's entire line of L-Shaped Standing desks. There are variants upon variants of these products from Fezibo. Just from a glance at their store, there are options with lighting, options with a desk shelf, versions with drawers, and perhaps most notably, reversible and non-reversible ones. 

The point is; keep in mind when you read my review that your mileage, depending on what desk you go for, may vary. Unfortunately, the existence of so many similar products is the first reason assembling one of them takes so much work. 

Because there are so many variables at play, you get sent the legs, feet, and frame for your desk in one box, and the tabletop in another. Both boxes come with a full booklet of instructions, but because either box could be shipped with a different companion, matching up their instructions to the specific set that you have is no short of a nightmare. 

Assembly instructions are fairly vague at the best of times, but when it feels as though the manual you're looking at doesn't correspond with the thing you're building, that's a surefire way to lead people down wrong paths and make a tricky piece of furniture incredibly frustrating. 

Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk from the back, showing the open back design and lack of cable management

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

One such example is that the legs and frame box could be shipped with reversible and non-reversible tabletops. As you might expect, that means their instructions do not specify which way round they'll need to be built, and the steps they outline become increasingly unhelpful as the process unfurls. You build the legs and frame first, and the legs in particular are tough to put together because you need to feed bolts through one hollow side in order to screw them down through a hole in the other. If you put this all together and then realize things are round the wrong way, that's a finicky and dextrous rebuild to correct an error that the instructions do not even come close to warning you about. 

Now, I'll admit my part in that particular example. I made a mistake while building, and that was partly due to confusion over which desk I'd actually be receiving. But I am one of those slightly unhinged people that almost enjoys building flat pack furniture and I did not enjoy building this desk. 

There were multiple times throughout the build when Fezibo's instructions, tools, or packaging made things so much more difficult than they needed to be. Wiring up the motors wasn't very well conveyed, screw-holes were tiny and not easy to find, and it was almost never clear that what I was screwing into place was correct. There's no doubt in my mind that more specific instructions or even a more consumer and environmentally-friendly packaging process could have made everything much, much easier. 


Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk's height adjusting keypad

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

Part of the reason assembling one of these desks is so complicated is because there are a lot of cool perks to them. The clue is in the name, but this is a sit/standing desk with three motors to ensure smooth movement. Along with three heights you can save, these motors have collision detection, meaning that if the desk feels any bumps or pressure while moving it'll immediately stop.

The specific worktop I have, which looks like it might be called "Searcy" according to the Fezibo store, comes with a US power block built-in, complete with a USB and USB-C port. Annoyingly for me, someone based in the UK, I'm told there's no UK power block available. Then again, I was also told that desktops with RGB lighting weren't available, yet mine came with a reel of it. Far be it from me, but during the ordering process, it seemed like the whole separate box issue created as much confusion for Fezibo as it did for me.

One of the Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk's motors, along with some under-table cable management

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

One big worry for me coming from an IKEA MALM corner desk was that I'd suffer from a lack of worktop space. The MALM has a surprisingly deep tabletop, while Fezibo's standard size loses a couple of centimeters in comparison. Luckily, the intuitive shelf design of this desk makes it feel like there's more real estate than there is. Adding some verticality to the equation helps to keep your desk free of clutter, and this is one of Fezibo's true strengths.

Measurements for the standard size are 63 inches by 49 inches. The depth of the worktop is 24 inches, and that's also the length of the side panel. Thanks to those three motors literally doing the heavy lifting, the desk can sustain up to 330lbs/150Kgs, and the legs can span any height between 27 inches to 48 inches.

Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk's headset hook with a Meta Quest 3 suspended from it

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

I chose to go with the Rustic Brown color for the desk itself, but you'll also find these desks in white, darker brown, and Carbon Fiber Black and Pink. Similarly, the frame comes in different colors too, and you'll find corner desks with black, white, and grey frames. 

There's a handy pair of hooks on either side of Fezibo's L-Shaped desk which are ideal for the best gaming headsets and the best VR headsets. Sadly, there's no cable management system. Luckily, there are ways to upgrade if you can afford to since Fezibo offers a decent range of accessories. These include a wireless charging pad, a balance board and resistance bands, a drawer cabinet, an additional power strip, and cable management goodies. It is a shame that even the most basic cable management tray is a paid-for add-on, but I digress.


Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk in standing mode

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

I've now been using Fezibo's Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk for around two months, and it's transformed the way I work every day. With packaging and technology constantly coming across my desk for reviews, I can find it really difficult to keep things organized and free of clutter. The difference, thanks to Fezibo, is night and day now I have this desk because gadgets and goobers I'm reviewing can sit under the top shelf - tucked in and out of the way. It's amazing how this simple design choice frees up space. Not to mention, the atmosphere the RGB lighting adds makes everything about my setup look so much classier. 

Of course, PC gaming and content creation are two other reasons a desk is important to me. For the former, I have so much space to roll out my HTYE desk mat, whereas before, I struggled to fit it on the same worktop as my gaming monitors. Having my two Philips Momentum 5000 27M1F5800 monitors up on the shelf makes video editing more of a joy than ever because they're at an appropriate height that eradicates discomfort and neck strain in longer sessions.

Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk with green RGB lighting switched on

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

The sit/stand movement still hasn't lost its novelty for me. When I stand for a few hours after my lunch break every day, all I need to do is tap one of the numbered buttons and watch as my work safely and securely travels up to my standing height. It's not too loud, and the smooth way the three motors kick into gear never makes me worry that my gaming PC is going to topple off and meet its doom. Adjusting to non-saved levels works too. When shooting a video for YouTube, I've found the controls to be so accurate I can adjust framing by using the desk's varying heights.

Unfortunately, it isn't completely perfect. I love the Rustic Brown color I chose, not least because it perfectly matches my Ruark MR1 MK2 speakers, but for the money you need to pay for one of these desks, it's a bit of a shame that all you actually get is veneer. It's the one part of Fezibo's equation that doesn't feel premium and one tiny chip on my desk's side panel already drives that home. 

A power block attached to the leg of the Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

Even with the added cable management kit I opted for, I'm still not very impressed. I put a good hour during assembly into tidying the mess of cables that existed from my previous setup, but within a day or two the sticky pads Fezibo supplied me with were already peeling off the veneer surface. There was just enough in this cable management kit to batten down the hatches, but for an add-on, I feel like they could be more generous with what you get. With no cable management tray or extra power block, I had to get pretty creative, so the more supplies at my disposal during this process the better. 

Should you buy the Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk?

Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk with no RGB lighting switched on

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

In the end, Fezibo's Triple motor L-Shaped Desk is pretty remarkable. It's transformed how I organize my workspace and has fully realized the PC gaming setup I've wanted for years. In that way, it's very easy to recommend for the money you pay - especially compared to the Secretlab Magnus Pro, for example. 

On the other hand, I feel like I should apologize to you for recommending it so strongly. I know that if you buy it based on my advice, you too will need to go through the hellish assembly process which made me question my ability to build furniture. I'd definitely seek the help of a building buddy for this if you go for it, not least because the parts are pretty tough to maneuver on your own. 

I wish Fezibo had a better packaging and assembly process, or had a different design philosophy for its sibling products. In so many ways, this is a must-have, but that's a recommendation I'm giving through gritted teeth.

How we tested the Fezibo Triple Motor L-Shaped Desk

I used the Fezibo Triple Moter L-Shaped Standing Desk for about 2 months before this review, using it as my main WFH station on a near daily basis. I built the desk myself, working closely with the instructions that were supplied, and with the small bank of resources Fezibo has online. I tested the vertical movement of this desk plenty in my time with it, testing collision detection all the while. 

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