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December 28 - 11:17AM ET PlayStation Portal stock is flitting on and off the shelves right now, so we've updated this page with the latest sightings at Best Buy and Amazon. 

PlayStation Portal Alternatives

BackBone One:
$74.99 (was $99.99) at Amazon
Logitech G Cloud:
$299.99 ($349.99) at Amazon
Razer Edge + Kishi:
$399.99 at Amazon

PlayStation Portal stock is appearing and disappearing just as quickly this week. We've seen fresh drops from Best Buy and Amazon in the last few days, though things are moving particularly quickly. We'd certainly recommend keeping a close eye on these digital retailers if you're still on the hunt for a handheld device - noting that we've been seeing PlayStation Portal stock primarily hitting in the morning hours. 

Sony's $199 / £199 remote player has been unavailable since shortly after first appeared, barring some quick stock flashes at Walmart in the US and Sony in the UK. Those shelves are pretty bare right now, but this isn't our first rodeo. We were all there for the PS5 shenanigans and since then we've picked up a thing or two about tracking stock. We're rounding up all the retailers we've seen previously offering the chance to buy PlayStation Portal so that you can quickly check for new units.

The key here is patience. After all, that PlayStation Portal stock will return at one point or another and it's simply not worth giving scalpers the time or money they're looking for by taking advantage of the situation. 

Where to buy PlayStation Portal in the US


Amazon has seen actual PlayStation Portal stock this week, and it held out for longer than a few minutes. Admittedly, only a little longer, but it's still well worth checking in here.

Best Buy

Best Buy
Best Buy has been incredibly active over the last couple of days, flashing stock on and off the shelves rapidly. Things move just as fast here, but you could get lucky if you check back regularly - especially in the morning. 


GameStop is currently showing an 'Add to Cart' option, but is failing when we attempt. That's still a boost on yesterday's out of stock message, though, so we'd recommend keeping a close eye on this one today. GameStop had a strong allocation of PlayStation Portal units from release day, and they held out for a significant amount of time. Like other retailers these shelves are bare for now, but check back regularly.


Walmart started out with a pretty good supply of PlayStation Portal devices, but that quickly dwindled towards the weekend as other stores ran out. We'd recommend Walmart Plus members keep a close eye here, as the store has been known to offer private stock drops for these customers during major sales in the past.

Please note we have started seeing third party sellers listing PlayStation Portals on Walmart's site, with incredibly inflated price tags - don't buy them, they're not worth it.


PlayStation Direct
If you want to head straight to the source you'll be going to Sony's PlayStation Direct page. Stock is also out here at the moment, but there was a clue that more could be coming in "early December". We're past that deadline now, so we'd recommend keeping a close eye out here.

Where to buy PlayStation Portal in the UK


We have also seen flashes of stock at Amazon UK over the last couple of days, though you had to be quick to grab it. While things are out at the moment, there's always another chance of a drop.


Argos - Check postcode
Argos is allowing us to add the PlayStation Portal to cart, but offering no collection options right now. It's well worth checking your delivery postcode, though, as your local depot could have had an influx. Argos has been fairly active over the weekend, offering fleeting chances to buy PlayStation Portal. However, that stock is assigned by post code.


Currys had new PlayStation Portal stock as recently as the morning of December 8. As with all these stores, though, we'd recommend keeping a close eye out.


Very repeatedly offered PS5 stock when no other retailer did back in the day, which means we're hopeful for more options on the PlayStation Portal here this week. If stock does appear, it might be worth buying a bundle - this is usually how we see this particular retailer holding onto stock for longer. It throws in extras on top of the price tag to scare away scalpers.


Game is a specialist site, so it's potentially working harder than others to secure more PlayStation Portal stock. We'd keep checking back here regularly, especially if you're a rewards member - though if stock appears in multiple places it's worth noting that delivery is particularly pricey here.


PlayStation Direct
PlayStation Direct takes things straight to the source, so this could be where that first round of new PlayStation Portal stock begins. This is where we saw that notice of more units being available on November 22, but that message was been removed yesterday morning.

PlayStation Portal: FAQ

PlayStation Portal running a Crash Bandicoot game on a wooden table

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When will PlayStation Portal stock return?

Sony was confident that more PlayStation Portal stock would be available in 'early December' across the US. We have seen several stores offering new units in the last couple of days, but these drops are particularly fleeting. Until the holidays are over, we would expect this stock drought to continue, relenting in the first couple of months of 2024.

What is the PlayStation Portal price?

The PlayStation Portal price is $199.99 / £199.99 / AU$329.95. 

Should you buy a PlayStation Portal?

The PlayStation Portal is a pricey remote player, but if you regularly find yourself without rights to the TV in the evenings it could be a godsend. The tablet is wrapped by a DualSense controller giving you the full PS5 experience without having to take up the big screen, giving it a boost in functionality and ease of use over cheaper alternatives like the Backbone One mobile controller (and the phone you'll need to run it). However, the PlayStation Portal is only for those who already have a PS5 as it requires the console itself to do all the heavy lifting, simply casting the on-screen action to your Portal device. If you don't have a PS5, you shouldn't buy the PlayStation Portal. 

We're also rounding up all the best PS5 accessories and plenty more PS5 deals if you're after console discounts and bundles.

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