Doctor Who showrunner says Ncuti Gatwa's take on the Time Lord is the most emotional yet

Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor Who
(Image credit: BBC)

Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor has arrived in style. According to Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies, there's something very specific about his take on the iconic Time Lord that's all new – and all Gatwa. 

Speaking to SFX magazine in the latest issue, which features Gatwa's Doctor on the cover, Davies spoke about the actor's unique spin on the character.

"But actually, having seen your audition [Ncuti], having seen your work, having met you, we talked to you, so there is a Ncuti energy that comes through," Davies reflects, in conversation with Gatwa and Ruby Sunday actor Millie Gibson. "And this Doctor does say and do things that… when you referred to him being more emotional, that's actually quite a new fundamental spine in this Doctor.

"It's a character who has very famously hidden his emotions for a long time, which you still do, which is still there, but actually, to be upset and to be happy – you take that to extraordinary new areas," Davies continues. "You're probably not aware of that yourself. But you do. And it's wonderful. It feels like a whole new tapestry, a whole new canvas to play on. It makes it richer, it makes it deeper. It's lovely."

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You can see Gatwa as the Doctor in the upcoming Christmas special, titled The Church on Ruby Road, which will be released this December 25.

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